Halloween is just around the corner and is the second only to Christmas in terms of how much we spend on decorations. There is a lot that goes into Halloween such as costumes and decorations. When it comes time to plan decorations you should also keep in mind the potential risks that are involved.

Be Aware of Dangers that Might Not be Visible During the Day

  • Do a walk thru on your property before so that you can identify and minimize any potential dangers, especially the ones difficult to see at night. Example, check that temporary extension cord are secured to avoid any tripping hazards.
  • Make sure that walkways are even and clear from any debris, exposed roots or holes.
  • Make sure that your front yard, walkway and entry ways are lit. This way for people that are unfamiliar with your house can navigate safely.

Remember that Welcoming the Neighborhood Inside Also Invites Risk

  • If you plan to host a haunted house in your  home, make sure to allow enough floor lighting and exit lighting. Keep exits clear to help prevent tripping.
  • Avoid advertising the event in your neighborhood or on social media.

Be Smart about Where You Place Decorations

  • Keep in mind the traffic flow when you are setting up decorations. Place them to prevent any hazards.
  • When plugging in decorations, do  not overload electrical outlets.

Do Not be Frightened by the Risks

  • Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you are properly covered.
  • Consider an umbrella policy that could provide you with extra coverage in case of an accident.