A personal umbrella doesn’t just keep the rain off.

Cover your bases.

What would happen if you had a bad auto accident and your liability limits are not enough to cover the injuries? What if someone gets hurt due to your actions and a judgment is entered against you for more than your insurance coverage? You would be personally responsible for the difference. Your assets such as the equity in your home, savings, and investments can be liquidated to pay the judgment. Most people forget about their most important asset – their ability to earn. Wage garnishments are also a common reality.

A personal umbrella policy gives you an affordable additional coverage cushion. Personal umbrellas can be as low as $175.00 for $1 million coverage depending on your particular circumstances. Higher limits are available.

Consider these claim scenarios. An 18 year old was driving the family car and hit a minivan full of little leaguers. The total judgment was for $2,000,000 but the auto liability coverage was $500,000. The family was wiped out.

A woman was hosting a home product party. One of the guests tripped on a broken cement stair going up to house. She didn’t have time to break her fall and went face first. The judgment was $623,000. The homeowner’s policy had $300,000 coverage and the homeowner was personally responsible for the $323,000 balance.

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