Being a pet owner comes with added responsibilities to your already thousands of responsibilities. Those include making sure your pet is safe during the moving process or any car rides and making sure they are healthy.

Another responsibility that is often forgotten about is making sure that your pet has proper identification if he or she happens to get lost or decides they want to be adventurous and wanders out of the home or yard. When talking about identification we don’t mean just a collar with a name and number of the owner which is a good option but we must remember that collars can come off and we are left with an unidentified pet. But micro chipping is something that has started to become more of a popular option for pet owners.  Micro chipping is when a veterinarian implants a tiny chip under a pet’s skin; these microchips are only the size of a rice grain. Scanners are passed over the chip so that when it scans a radio frequency gives out an ID code. The ID code will show the name of the pet’s veterinarian or the animal clinic where the microchip was inserted and from there the veterinarian or clinic can contact the owner.


These different chips have different registries that store the owners contacts  information.  The American Microchip Advisory Council are working on developing a single network of registry database. It doesn’t matter which registry the microchip is connected to the most important thing is that the information in the registry is correct and up to date.