Eat, drink and be insured.

Whether you are a hot dog stand or a fine dining restaurant, we have the market for you. We include coverage for your fixtures, phone and computer systems, food spoilage, mechanical breakdown, signs, loss of income, commercial general liability, and product liability, and commercial umbrella insurance. We can include liquor liability (dram shop) if you have a liquor license. Workers compensation is also available.

Do you have outdoor seating or a patio? Most municipalities require a certificate of insurance if you are on the sidewalk.

What would happen if your power went out on a busy day in the summer? Would your current insurance pay for your food spoilage and loss if income?

Workers compensation is required by state law for any business with employees. Workers compensation pays for medical bills, rehabilitation, and wages to injured workers. Many people falsely believe their health insurance will cover any work related injuries. Health insurance policies have an exclusion for work related injuries and illness. The first question doctors ask is, “is this work related”. This is because the scheduled payment for services is considerably higher for workers compensation claims than individual policies.

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