Can you guess what the most common accident between vehicles are? If you guessed Rear-end collisions you were right.

This occurs when a driver does not have enough time to perceive and react to slow or stopped traffic. By increasing your following distance you can help give yourself time to react when the person in front of you breaks. Increasing the distance between you and the car in front can help give you time to recognize a hazard and respond safely.  The National Safety Council recommends a three second following distance rule. That rule is a simple rule, so when following a vehicle, pick an overhead road sign, a tree or other roadside marker as your point. When the vehicle ahead passes that marker, then see how many seconds it takes for you to pass the same spot. If it is not at least three seconds, leave more space and increase your following distance. Distractions such as texting, reaching for a food or drink or even looking at a GPS system can play a role in a rear-end collision. So even with the three second rule make sure to have no distractions.