According to a new survey from Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD, New Year’s Eve is the most common nights of the year for teens to get behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. A driving safty expert with Liberty Mutual Insurance said that ” There are approximately 3,000 teenage driving-related deaths a year, a third of which involves alcohol…Talk to your kids BEFORE New Year’s celebrating begins and make sure they understand the importance of making smart, and possibly life-saving, decisions.”

Eighty-seven percent of surveyed teens will ask a driver under the influence of alcohol to refrain from driving, showing that teens do in fact understand the consequences of unsaf driving and aren’t afraid of asking a diver to stop risky behavior.

One of the best things to do as parents is to talk to our teens. Tell them what the consequences are if they chose to make negative choices. Visit websites such as as a place to begin and help you and your teens have a better understanding.

Here is more information that you and your teenagers can go visit for more safty tips.